Aidan Arnold Theshreddingplanner


Your very welcome to my blog and you may be asking well what is theshreddingplanner?  Is it a misspelling for wedding planner etc.  Well no it isn’t but it is a take on it.  I’m in the wedding planner industry but this blog is not about that.  I’m a big home styling and organizing enthusiast and love looking for ways to improve my home and garden and how minimize junk, keep a clean home that is styled fabulously, you will be able get some ideas here on some DIY and home improvement as well as a small bit about your garden and how to keep it managed and maintained.

I look forward to sharing some ideas with you and all though keeping our home managed and maintained so they look beautiful may not be today priority, its a space we all live in and share and are very proud of when it represents who we are.  I can help you and look forward to it.

Some of the areas I go into:

  • Interiors
  • Styling
  • Home Management
  • Cleaning and how to make it easy
  • Garden management and upkeep
  • DIY Ideas
  • Creative Home Spaces
  • Home Work Space


Aidan Arnold.